Internal Conflict


My heart and soul fusses

Disagreeing with my mind

And the emotions within me

Lay dormant and undefined


The backburner in my head

Is where I hide each regret

Desperately trying to tidy up

Hoping someday I’ll forget


The life I once knew

Now a diminishing vapor

The blueprint of my dreams

A balled up mess of paper


Plagued by so many doubts

Which randomly appear

A constant state of confusion

Leaves me feeling so unclear


And yet in the quietness

Of the still night air

I am once again reminded

That I shan’t not despair


For I know deep within

The addiction to this pain

I have nothing more to win

And certainly nothing left to gain


So I take a deep breath

Letting the panic subside

Back once again to my old self

Where I generally reside


Thoughts of the distant past

Are soon shoved miles away

For mind over matter

Seems to be a much better way



Written by, Michelle Cook

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2 responses to “Internal Conflict

  1. That is so clever and funny, Michelle. I can’t believe you pulled it off with all those “ent” words. What a great poem! And sorry about your appliance!

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  2. Thanks D! 😉

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