black cat awarkd

Go ahead… spill the salt.

Is all that bad luck, really your fault?

Don’t be afraid… walk under the ladder.

Remind me again… why does it matter?

Nevermind… just step on that crack!

And remember this… at least it’s not your back!

Break the mirror… you know you’ve wanted to.

It’s only seven years and a half-pint of glue!

Say the alphabet… twist the apple stem.

Then don’t forget… to wait for “Him.”

Always blow all of those candles out.

Don’t you want your wish to count?

Better go and find a four leaf clover;

Don’t take the risk or it could be over!

When you see a black cat upon your path,

Just leave before you meet his wrath!

Always send your eyelashes away.

You’ll get new wishes every day!

Are you the seventh son of a seventh son?

Than your powers should have already begun!

Always remember to knock on some wood.

Do this three times or it won’t be good!

Wishbones can be tons of fun;

Just don’t get the smaller one!

Don’t forget to wish on a shooting star.

Your wish will come true, wherever you are…


Written by, Michelle Cook

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20 responses to “Superstitious

  1. 😀this is really good. Funny. I’ve never looked at superstitions in this light before.

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  2. Brought back a lot of silliness over the years! I do, however, still knock on wood (usually my head), toss the salt and wish upon an eyelash LOL

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  3. Lol! I try to convince myself not to, but it usually doesn’t work. I need to investigate the back stories to many of these superstitions. I bet they’re pretty funny. Makes me wonder how all the nonsense started in the first place. 😉

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  4. There’s actually a book out there with all superstitions explained. i can’t remember the name of it, though. I’m sure Amazon would have it.

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  5. Thanks Dorinda! I’ll have to look at the library too!

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  6. A fun poem, Michelle. I loved this stuff as a kid 🙂

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  7. Thanks D… As kids, we always fought over who got to break the wishbone. I think always ended up with the shorter piece. Lol!

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  8. Ha! I love this, Michelle!

    I will check out the WordPress prompts.

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  9. Okay, so this is brilliant and very funny Michelle! I don’t get on here all to often these days but I am reminded of why I still bother when I see a post like this one. It has really cheered me up. Thank you! Good work

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  10. Thanks and good! 😊

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  11. I’m glad you like it Henry. I’ve been missing you… I hope you’re planning to write another story soon.

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  12. I wrote one earlier in fact. And likewise, with your work. 🙂

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  13. Oh good! I haven’t checked my email yet, I’ll have to look for it. Thanks!

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  14. This is so good and amazing . Do check my prompt writing here at

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  15. Thank you! I will! 🙂

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  17. Nice, great way to look at all our silly superstitions.

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  18. Thanks SW! 😉

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