Your Smile


Your smile has changed

Of this there is no doubt

And I’m still in wonderment

Over how this came about


The changes that I see

Are a beautiful display

Of how God can take a man

And change his whole array


It’s as if you’ve been remade

Someone I hardly recognize

And still I wonder if it’s real

Or just a very good disguise


And yet who am I to doubt

The changes that I see

Your word should be enough

Without lack of faith from me


Something I need to work on

My smile has been lacking too

Time for God to change me

Like he is obviously changing you



Written by, Michelle Cook

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4 responses to “Your Smile

  1. How God works on a heart is amazing to behold, I’m sure God has been working on yours as can be seen on these words of Love, Faith and Grace He has given you. Thank you for the beauty of your poetry that you share with us. God Bless you my dear friend.

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  2. Thank you SW…. you’re too kind. 😉

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  3. You got it my friend, I love you my friend and keep allowing God to do his thing in the both of you

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  4. Thanks Kristie…. love you too!