Are you a clinger

One who likes to linger?


Are you overbearing

Perhaps a bit over caring?


Are you a stalker

Known as an annoying gawker?


Are you overly enthusiastic

Maybe a little spastic?


Are you a little bit needy

Bordering on the edge of greedy?


Are you often told you’re boring

Do you find people around you snoring?


Well goodbye then…

I’m so sorry, but I’ve got to get going.


Written by, Michelle Cook


*Sorry…  but I was having a bit of a Shel Silverstein moment.  If only he was still alive… 😉

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8 responses to “Clingy

  1. Cute image and a fun write. Let me go figure out which one I am.

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  2. Ha ha. The last lines were a surprise! Nice one, Michelle.

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  3. Thanks D… this one was a fun to write. Although it felt sort of mean, ending it the way I did. This is what happens in real life though… when we get too clingy. 😉

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  4. This is cute and fun. The girl next line was a kind of good surprise. It keeps it real,and ends it well. I enjoyed reading this, and I do see some Shel Silverstein in there. Really well done!

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  5. Thanks so much! This is one of my favorites. 😉

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