Friends Forever


Little girl

Blond hair blue eyes

Living the happiest

Days of her life


For right beside

Is her very best friend

A young boy

Of almost ten


Dangling their feet

At the end of the pier

Just happy to know

The other is near


Spending each day

Climbing trees

Too much fun

To notice scrapped knees


Riding bikes

All over town

Smiling and happy

Never sharing a frown


Now side by side

Near the river’s edge

Each silently makes

A forever pledge


For he’s her hero

And she’s his muse

Both something to the other

Neither wants to lose


Friends forever

Never to part

Lucky to have each other

From the very start


Written by, Michelle Cook


Writing prompt/MyPoemBlog – Juxtaposed with you.

27 responses to “Friends Forever

  1. Advanced Research Technology

    It seems that friendship like this can only be had in the younger years. I wish it were always so simple. Adults really do make things complicated.

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  2. I’m not so sure… I think maybe it’s possible.

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  3. Advanced Research Technology

    I suppose it is if we shed a lot of baggage. 🙂 I haven’t found too many that engage on a simple, accepting friendship level as an adult. It is not because I am unwilling, but because of the baggage people carry of others expectations. Everything has to line up according to these expectations and it rarely does.
    The blogs are a nice forum in this respect… but meeting someone in person seems to be much more tricky.


  4. I see what you mean. The friends involved would have to be carefree and easy going and like children, be forgiving and without too many expectations. I fully believe that it is possible though.

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  5. Advanced Research Technology

    It is. It takes rare, accepting souls to experience it though.

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  6. I completely agree… 😊

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  7. I love the feeling off this……it’s stunning.

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  8. Thank you C. Have you ever seen the movie My Girl? Well, I completely pictured that scenario while writing this. Such a sad ending to that movie, but it’s a good one nonetheless. I’m glad you liked it… This kind of friendship is what I think many of us want more than anything else. I do believe its possible… 😉

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  9. Yeah what a sad film 😢

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  10. Really was… 😞

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  11. What a lovely piece of work! Loved it.

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  12. Thank you. Really appreciate your comment. 😊

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  13. You’re welcome dear!

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  14. This is very sweet and beautiful! I loved reading this!

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  15. P.S. Thank you for checking out my blog! I really appreciate it!

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  16. Thank you! 🙂

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  17. You’re most welcome!

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  18. I’m still starting out, and it gives me a good feeling that someone came across my website and actually READ my stuff!

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  19. How did you find me anyway?

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  20. I can sincerely relate…. for it is such a wonderful blessing, to be able to share what is in your heart and on your mind with others. Especially those who can appreciate your words. I look forward to reading more from you! 😉

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  21. If I remember right, I think you liked a comment that I had left for another blogger. I follow over a thousand blogs, so please forgive me if that recollection isn’t correct. I’m happy to meet you Keely! ☺️

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  22. Why thank you! It’s great to meet you too!

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  23. You’re welcome! 😉

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