An unmistakable message


Running free

Scurrying about

On their way

Darting out


Flying away

Fast as they can

Each one with

An unknown plan


Racing by

Obscuring my view

Breezy currents

Sends them through


On a mission

To a place

Pondering why

They leave in haste


Rushing past

Each catches my eye

This bewitching moment

Makes me sigh


Scattering at will

Determined intent

Not a single one

Does relent


A simple illustration

Hidden meaning for me

Something I needed

To help me see



An unmistakable message

In the current of…




Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: Pinterest




3 responses to “An unmistakable message

  1. I can just picture the leaves blowing by as I read this. Loved it.

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  2. You are most welcome my friend.

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