Beneath the Canopy



Mature swaying branches

Hover serenely above

Creating a secluded place

To share our enduring love


Billowy white clouds

Float leisurely overhead

Taking us to places

Which we cannot comprehend


A contented sigh escapes

As we linger awhile longer

The pleasant summer breeze

Leaves our minds to wander


Memories of simpler times

Preoccupy our thoughts

Such remembrances appearing

As blurry snapshots


As twilight descends around us

We know we must say farewell

Yet the lovely canvas in front us

Has cast its magical spell


We further delay our departure

For one final passionate kiss

As moments like these are scarce

And must not be dismissed


At last needing to part ways

We lovingly say goodbye

Leaving behind one another

With impossible tears in our eyes


Somehow we both know

That we will never again see

This beautiful rare scene

Beneath the canopy



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at:


17 responses to “Beneath the Canopy

  1. Wowers, you amaze me, Michelle! From the first word to the last, I imagined the picture before me. That isn’t easy to do!

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  2. Thank you Dustin… I suppose I’ve got summer on my mind. It’s 47° out right now and that’s way too cold for me!

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  3. Really beautiful, Michelle!

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  4. Thank you Dorinda. 😊

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  5. You’re welcome ☺️

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  6. Hehe, you and me both! It’s been beautiful here, though, and it’s supposed to read 80 today- I love it! I’m not too anxious for the super hot, humid days, though.

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  7. It’s snowing here… 😞


  8. Yes… really… 😳

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  9. That is CRAZY!

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  10. Not really… It’s Wisconsin after all…

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  11. Serene and so visual. Lovely poem 🙂

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  12. Thank you… this is one of my personal favorites. 🙂

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