The Proposal


Dainty hearts and flowers

Fill the love-sick air

As inquisitive gawkers

Stop blatantly to stare

Love has certainly blossomed

Of this there is no doubt

And a radiating fervor

Can be felt throughout

Like a spreading disease

A contagious warmth now flows

And where it’s coming from

Nobody really knows

The onlookers look stunned

None daring to breathe

And what they’re witnessing

Is too overwhelming to believe

Finally the question is asked

As droplets fall to the ground

And even those fallen teardrops

Dare not make a sound

For in this heartfelt moment

Anticipation is unleashed

And all strain to hear the words

Which are eventually released

An answer is requested

A simple yes or no

And for the awkward fellow

Everyone hopes it is a go

Then finally the silence is broken

By a simple yet crucial phrase

Leaving the poor young chap

In a bit of an astonished daze

For he didn’t really believe

Her final response would be yes

And yet thankfully so

He now feels completely blessed

For his sweetie has actually agreed

To be his girl for life

To forever hold his hand

And be his loving wife

The smiles on their faces

Show they’re as happy as can be

For they’ve finally agreed

To a union known as…… “We.”



Written by, Michelle Cook

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8 responses to “The Proposal

  1. Wow, you painted with your words the aspect of what is a beautiful yet amazingly stressful moment in life. That aspect of yes or no, even if you think you know the answer is one that all men stress over until they hear the word, “yes” and the beginning of a journey towards becoming one. Thank you for your beautiful words as always.

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  2. Great, Michelle. We saw a public proposal recently and it was just like that ❤

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  3. Thanks SW. I was inspired to write this after watching my own daughters marriage proposal. They will be getting married next month.

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  4. Thanks D…. after watching my daughters recent proposal, I couldn’t help but write about it. 😉

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  5. Awesome and Congratulations

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  6. Thanks! 😉

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  7. Thanks Oneta! 🙂