Imperfections and Rejections


The imperfections

In me

Are sometimes

All I see

A complete

Blurry-eyed mess

Hidden in

Deep distress

Negative world


Leave no room

For exceptions

Always trying

To live up to a standard

In a life

Where most are slandered

Wishing to be

Fully accepted

When most of the time

I’m completely rejected

I really don’t want

To play these games

Which eventually drive

Everyone insane

I just want to be

Simple old me

A girl who is determined

To just be free


Written by, Michelle Cook

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10 responses to “Imperfections and Rejections

  1. Lovely, and a thing we should all be. Not constricted by what the world says we should be, but what we know in our heart we should be.

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  2. “I just want to be simple old me”. I love that!

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  3. Yes exactly…. thank you. 🙂

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  4. Thanks Jennie! 😉

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  5. You are welcome!

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  6. Lovely, Michelle. It’s pretty nice to be content with the old selves.

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  7. Thanks D…. and yes it certainly is! 😉

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  8. I truly believe that this is our highest calling, to become fully ourselves without the regret of too much compromise and rejection. Be who you are! You are already worthy!!

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  9. Yes, we are free when we choose to simply be ourselves. Great message!

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  10. Thanks Camie!

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