Oh.My.God. Did he just say that? Wwwhhhaatttt!?! (A quick story) (about my crush and BFF)

Happy Birthday Keely!!! I couldn’t help but come back and reread this. You made my day by sharing your story. I could just feel your enthusiasm and I hope everything works out with you and _________. Have the best birthday ever!!!! 💐🎂🍦🍭🍰❤️🎉🎁


Today is my 15th birthday and while I was sitting in my creative writing class, grumbling about my newest huge whopper zit on my ugly face, something happened that would lead to a truely extraordinary happening. My creative writing teacher had come over to me, and decided to do my makeup. I don’t wear makeup, I’m not allowed to, but I am familiar with makeup types and brands and styles. I used to wear a little bit of makeup when I lived with my dad. I know how to put on makeup. I just never broke the rule to put on makeup myself. However, I do not appreciate it when my friends and acquaintances try to make my ugliness pretty and do a “makeover.” I have pretty bad experiences with that. People have made me look like an old lady, an eyeshadow addict, a raccoon, a cheap whore, an exspensive…

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