Four walls

Come crashing in

No escape

For the one within

An ugly blue

Painted prison

Now a rather

Regretful decision

Painful throbbing

In her head

Sometimes wishing

She were dead

Left to the devices

Of these four walls

Nobody reaches out

Or hears her call

Left all alone

In tremendous agony

Wishing for a potion

To set her free


Written by, Michelle Cook


*I wrote this last spring and never posted it.  Having another terrible headache today, reminded me of this.  I’m actually in a pretty good mood, unlike the one I was in when I originally wrote this.  I think those of you with chronic migraines can relate to this one.  Here’s to hoping they finally find a cure for headaches that actually works!

11 responses to “Headache

  1. Hope you start feeling better, those headaches can be a killer. Get well soon….

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  2. Thanks SW…. me too…. this is the worst one I’ve had in ages.

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  3. I feel everyone is feeling surrounded by negative experiences this winter.

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  4. Oh, it sounds awful, Michelle. Get off the computer and rest!

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  5. Lol…. thanks D….. finally starting to feel some relief. 😉

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  6. Maybe look into the procedure that I have had done 3t times now, definitely works better than medications and it is painless.

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  7. Fortunately I don’t get these very often. 😉

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  8. That’s a good thing

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  9. Thank you 🙂

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