The little house on the hill


I used to live

In a little house

On a hill


And oh the views

So beautiful

Even still


A magical place

For sure

It was


A first real home

All just



By the window

I would stand

And stare


Gazing out toward the meadows

Inhaling sweet

Fresh air



My love

Did grow


For this amazing place

God did



Then one day

My dream

Did fade


My window gone

Another sacrifice



Time couldn’t forget

 The love

That grew


My heart more content then

Than it ever

Even knew


That magical place


Deeply hidden


A place

Where my dreams

Were secretly written


I’d give anything

To have

Just one more day


I honestly can’t believe

How long

I’ve stayed away


I think I must of left

My heart

Upon that hill


Because the tug upon it

Is there

Even still



Written by, Michelle Cook

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10 responses to “The little house on the hill

  1. Sounds like a magical place.

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  2. Oh it really was….. there hasn’t been another place like it since.

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  3. Beautiful, Michelle, and so melancholy. I can hear the echo.

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  4. Thank you D….. ☺️

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  5. So haunting in it’s emotion

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  6. It’s a place I will always miss.

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  7. Your love for that place is so beautifully weaved in thread of words and emotions are very subtle. Loved reading it. God bless..

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  8. Awww….. Thanks R’I’P… Your comment made my day! Take care….. 🙂

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  9. Pleasure is all mine. Have a nice day, Michelle 🙂

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  10. You too sweet friend! 🙂

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