Second Chances


Left surrounded by an intense wintry mix
Which spilled out its icy tears
The brisk wind whipped around
Bellowing its turbulent sound

Chilled straight to the bone
I was caught up in pandemonium
The arctic breeze sent me flying
The force was completely terrifying

Gripping whatever I could find
I tried to remain somewhat calm
The situation had become dire
And my strength was about to expire

I was left feeling completely helpless
Panic overtook my weary mind
I felt my frozen fingers begin to slip
And forced myself to tighten my grip

Convinced that I couldn’t hold on any longer
I closed my eyes and accepted my fate
Suddenly the atmospheric pressure began to stall
And I prayed there would be a miracle after all

Gradually I opened my tightly shut eyes
I was greeted with a taste of absolute wonder
The sight that came into view
Was completely unexpected and out of the blue

It was a miraculous unimaginable event
Of this I was surely convinced
For the raging storm had suddenly lifted
Leaving behind piles of snow that had senselessly drifted

I weathered that ferocious storm
And then everything completely changed
I inhaled a long deep breath
And I knew that I had somehow cheated death

I pondered the meaning of it all
And was grateful for another chance
I knew it was a day that I would certainly never forget
And I was surprised to see how a single day could change my entire mindset

So when you feel like your life is uncertain
And you forget how precious and wondrous it really is
Remember to refocus your mind on the positive things in your day
For you never know when your life could suddenly be whisked away

Written by, Michelle Cook




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11 responses to “Second Chances

  1. To those who are left to wonder, this poem is completely metaphorical. 🙂

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  2. Powerful poem, Michelle. The last two lines say it all.

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  3. Thank you D… Hope your week has started off good. It’s been storming here all day and was part of the inspiration for this poem.

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  4. Powerfully wonderful 🙂

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  5. Thank you Carl… Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 😊


  6. First off, I love the photo.:) It’s a perfect for for this amazing and awe inspiring poem. Very well done, Michelle!

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  7. This is really beautiful!! Loved it!!

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  8. Thank you Tris!


  9. Your welcome 🙂

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