Remembering Christmas



Colorful Christmas wrappings

Ribbons and shiny bows

Now all scattered about

As the commotion begins to slow


Each child now preoccupied

A dozen gifts for each to explore

Smiles and contented faces

Show they really need nothing more


The day is only just beginning

And yet it seems like it’s been hours

Still there’s so much more coming

Such as goodies to be devoured


The fireplace crackles in response

Approving each squeal of delight

And soon everyone becomes mesmerized

By the lovely warmth filled sight


In the background music can be heard

Sounds of the season brings a cheery mood

And the excitement slowly begins to fade

As the melody leaves everyone subdued


Memories of prior occasions

Flood all of our thoughts and minds

Reminding us of so many blessings

Fond remembrances of Christmastime



Written by, Michelle Cook

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2 responses to “Remembering Christmas

  1. It is only 362 until Christmas, Michelle 🙂 Beautiful poem, I have fondest memories of Christmastime, and it is always sad how quickly the day is over. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! ❤

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  2. Thank you dear friend… wishing you the same! ❤️

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