My friend Oneta…


Oh sweet Oneta

You are such a dear

Whenever you’re around

You bring such cheer


I always feel blessed

By everything you say

And the joy you bring to others

Never seems to fade away


You’re a gift from God

A rare gem in this life

Seeking to help others

And take away their strife


Thank you my friend

For showing me God’s love

I truly believe

You were sent from heaven above


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Dedicated to my lovely friend Oneta.  Please visit her amazing blog here.  Love you Oneta!  ❤ xoxo

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2 responses to “My friend Oneta…

  1. Why how lovely! When I said to write me a poem, I never dreamed it would be about me I meant for me. But I will certainly take this blessing. I’m printing it for my down times. Thanks. And thanks also for the link. Much appreciated.

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  2. I’m happy to do it. You deserve all the best. You are a bright light in a very dark world. Thank you for being you. ❤

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