The possibilities are endless

So what holds us back?

With a new year ahead

Can we ever get back on track?

And as I ponder these things

I’m certainly left to wonder

For all I’ve really seen

Is a life filled with blunders

I think…

Can we ever really become

Who we think we would like to be?

And I find myself so often questioning

If this is even a possibility

With all of the mistakes we’ve made

Day after day and year after year

The heartache we continuously go through

And all the many trials and the tears

It’s a wonder sometimes

How we make it through a single solitary day

And I contemplate if it’s truly possible

To ever find our rightful and predestined way

Oh don’t get me wrong

I know some people discover their place

They work hard and often compete

And then they finally win that long awaited race

But not everyone can be

That manly conquering hero

And by this world’s standards

Many of us are just a big fat zero

So considering the fact

That not everyone can be a title-holder

What does that mean for the rest of us?

Must we endeavor to be somewhat bolder?

Will our extra efforts finally gain us

A few accomplishments or a smidgen of success?

Or will we just permanently remain

Living life forever failing to impress?

And why does it matter anyway?

Do we really need to keep up with everyone else?

Isn’t it much more important

To just be happy and be ourselves?

And yet that brings me back to the beginning

Can we really be what we want to be?

Or are we already there

Only just distracted by all that we see?


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo found at: escapeintolife.com

8 responses to “Possibilities…

  1. I love this, and Norman Rockwell’s painting is so perfect.

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  2. Thank you Jennie! 🙂

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  3. You are welcome, Michelle.

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  4. To begin the journey of possibilities, end the contemplating and accept life as a reality.

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  5. Great poem!

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  6. Thank you Ivy!

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  7. Maybe we are “there” but as you say, distracted by looking around and discovering our “there” is not the “there” everyone else has, so we assume we must not have arrived yet. Interesting post.

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  8. My point exactly! 😉

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