Behind every heartache…



Behind every heartache

There is a reason

For every disappointment

There is a praise

Behind every misunderstanding

There is a lesson

For every setback

There is a benefit

Behind every curse

There is a blessing

For every situation

There is an answer

Behind every problem

There is a God who cares


Written By, Michelle Cook

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9 responses to “Behind every heartache…

  1. This is a lovely post… Thank you for this

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  2. Thank you for your kind words.

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  3. It really is a quick healing med

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  4. Well said, Michelle. I love this!

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  5. Thank you Jennie!

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  6. You’re welcome!

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  7. Beautiful photo and comforting thoughts to help find the silver lining in every trial. 💛

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  8. Thank you…

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  9. I really like your post and your approach to being thankful and appreciative. Count your blessings one by one!
    Next month, I’m launching a monthly challenge called TRAVEL BLESSINGS. Your stories are treasured and you have a platform to share.