For you babe…



Through everything we’ve faced

You’ve stayed by my side

Been willing to let me go

If that’s what I decide

Some days you’re just my friend

Other days a compassionate lover

And we haven’t given up the hope

Of forever being with each other

Thank you for making me smile

For showing me how much you care

Reminiscing about the past today

Reminded me of how much we’ve really shared

I know going forward won’t be easy

Because my heart has been rearranged

Yet I see how much you’re trying

Hopeful that my heart will be willing to change

You know there’s days I don’t want to be here

Days when I refuse to forgive and forget

I often wish we could just go back

And start all over from when we first met

I suppose neither one of us would still be here

If we didn’t believe in something more

I want to find what’s been missing

And truly see the man I used to love and adore


Written by, Michelle Cook

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  1. Beautiful!!

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  2. Thank you. 🙂

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