Each life impacts another…


You never know what kind of impression you could make on someone

You never understand the impact you may have on a person’s heart

You never see the overall affect you could have on someone’s life

You never completely grasp how your mere existence could change a person’s future

You never foresee the incredible difference you might make for someone

You never contemplate how much a person could eventually need you

You never realize just how important you might end up being to someone

You never really think about the incredible influence you may have on a person’s life

You never perceive how significant your own life is to someone

And yet you have changed and forever altered somebody’s life, just by merely being you

Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

One response to “Each life impacts another…

  1. That is so true. I had a friend that I met via Facebook; we were friends for 2 yrs before she died of cancer, it was very evident that I touched her life in ways that I could never imagined being that we only communicated via Facebook messenger. Not only that I but I became friends with the nurse that took care of her, then she committed suicide because of losing her husband and our mutual friend in the exact same week. These two women impacted me more than I imagined, as well.

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