Make me remember…


Today I got up and I did what I wanted to do

And yet I forgot dear Lord to look for you

I was missing something all day long

And for the life of me I didn’t know what was wrong

The day is now coming to its final end

And I’m so tired Lord and my eyes are dim

I’m finally resting in my old familiar chair

And I’ve quieted myself and sense you’re there

I just now realized I was missing you all day

Oh why didn’t I just stop and hear what you wanted to say

I get so busy with my life as a mom

And I forget to ask for your help to make me strong

I try to do everything all on my own

Which only leaves me feeling so very alone

I hope when tomorrow comes I’ll remember you’re there

Please make yourself known to me and make me aware


Written by, Michelle Cook

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3 responses to “Make me remember…

  1. What a great, heart felt prayer ! I have often felt like this.


  2. Thanks Susie…. Just got this as it was in my spam folder. I suppose I need to be checking that folder more often. Lol….

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