You and me…


Your smile brings me happiness

Your eyes make me blush

Your arms force me to slow down

When I find myself in a rush

Your words give me comfort

Your lap makes the perfect seat

Your lips ignite a passion

Before we drift off to sleep

Your laugh makes me feel giddy

Your touch seeks to thrill

Your mouth says you’ll stay

And I believe you always will

Your soul seeks me out

Your embraces draw me near

Your body protects me

So I have nothing to fear

Your faith connects us

Your will has no end

Your devotion to me is something

In which I can always depend

Your gentleness soothes me

Your actions seek to convince my heart

Your kindness persuades me

And I think I’d feel lost if we were apart

Your affection has deepened

Your allegiance conveys the truth

Your love always feels authentic

And I yearn to spend a lifetime with you


Written by, Michelle Cook

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4 responses to “You and me…

  1. Romantic and grounding at the same time, Michelle. Lovely poem.

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  2. Thank you D. 😉

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  3. So sweet and heartfelt. A lucky person who has won your heart.

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  4. Thanks SW….. His efforts have certainly paid off….. Lol…. 😉

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