The Illusion of Success


The illusion of a strong successful man or woman

Is very easy to fake

He or she just has to be bold in their approach

And dare not hesitate

Unfortunately wearing a tough face

Doesn’t mean someone’s free of issues

For all you know that same man or woman

Could be needing an entire box of tissues

All I’m really trying to say

Is there’s a mask most people wear

So many of us we just don’t see it

Which leaves us misinformed and unaware

So when you look at someone’s exterior

And you think… “They’ve got it all going on”

I sincerely ask you to think again

Because I’m betting you’re entirely wrong


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Successful

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12 responses to “The Illusion of Success

  1. Very well written…strong truth to those words

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  2. Thank you Dorinda! 😘

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  3. I love the poem and the quote!

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  4. Thank you Ivy!

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  5. You’re welcome, Michelle! 🙂

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  6. This was a lesson I learned a while ago, volunteering at the hospital, when my supervisor, this enormously strong and successful lady burst into tears one day. I hadn’t realised that she was so stressed until that moment…great poem, I feel like more people need to understand this.

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  7. Thanks! Someone mentioned to me the other day that I always seem so strong and put together, which of course I never actually am. Thus this poem was born from feeling socially inept and unsuccessful. I often wish the world would see the true me, but I rarely give them the opportunity.

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  8. It’s hard to put yourself out there like that; it puts the power to hurt you into the hands of other people. Speaking as someone who has seen one aspect of your life (your blog), I can attest that at least this portion is very put-together, so you’re definitely successful in at least this one thing.

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  9. It is really hard to put ourselves out there. I tend to hide behind my computer most of the time. Lol…. And thank you, it’s hard to see ourselves as successful sometimes.

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  10. You’re welcome 🙂

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