The streets were barren

And the air was stale

She shuddered at the sight

And grew cold and pale

This place she called home

Annihilated by a blast

Erasing the memories

From her now faded past

Left in eerie quiet

No flicker of life found

Fearing the shadows

For what might be around

Stepping lightly

Hardly daring to exhale

Praying with every footstep

That she would prevail

Yet there she was

Alone amongst the ash

The result of many nations

Who undeniably clashed

The aftermath of hostility

Had come with a great cost

She just one of the many

Left broken and lost


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Devastation

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6 responses to “Devastation

  1. Oh, my. How heart touching! Countries, cities, lives. Makes me pray, “Lord Jesus, come quickly.”

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  2. Lovely, touching, and sad. Just as relevant in today’s world as seventy years ago. Nice work.

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  3. Thank you…. 🙂


  4. Wow, Michelle, this is really heart wrenching and powerful

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  5. Having once been a soldier and having a husband who still is, these kinds of things weigh heavy on my heart. I hate seeing the unrest of nations often causing unnecessary battles. I often wish for a way to find peaceful resolve.