Let us never forget…


Young and expecting

With you as my trusted friend

We had absolutely no idea

This is how it would end

Yet you saw my situation

And wanted to be there

You seemed the only one

Who really did care

And it didn’t take long

Before I saw something more

Beneath your kind smile

Someone I thoroughly adored

Before we even knew it

We had fallen in love

From morning till night

You were all I thought of

It’s been a million years

Since those fun-filled days

When we would sneak off

To laugh and to play

Those memories we shared

Will never be erased

Yet for a moment in time

They were somehow misplaced

Finding our way back

To those visions of the past

Has reminded us how love

Can be enduringly steadfast

So let us never forget

How far we have come

The battles we’ve faced

The hardships we’ve won

For if we choose to recall

The trials we’ve faced

The perseverance in our marriage

Will never be erased


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo taken at Point Lobos State Reserve, CA (1992) – We hung a camera from the tree and set the timer to get this picture.  No selfies back then!  I was several months pregnant, standing next to my then dear friend Brian, who eventually took pity on me and married me.  Lol…..  I always seemed to be wearing the baggiest clothes I could find.  I guess that was the style back then.  Wish we were still that young!



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  1. Very sweet 😊

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  2. Beautiful, both the poem & the photo!

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  5. Beautiful! 💜

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  8. Michelle, your words are beautiful. Many blessings to both of you ❤

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  9. Thank you Dorinda. Hope you’re doing well. 💜


  10. You have such a lovely way with words. 💖

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