Lost words



The ink dries

Before I’ve even begun

There’s nothing left to say

Conversations are done


Beautiful words

Saturated with meaning

Lost on a whim

No longer convening


Writing paper

Aching to be used

Balled up thoughts

Abandoned and abused


Empty ideas

Scattered like rain

Nothing left

Except silence and pain



Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

17 responses to “Lost words

  1. Ahh, I know this feeling. It’s so hard when things struggle to make it to paper.

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  2. It really is…. and I’m frustrated because there’s something in particular that I have to get written tonight, and the words just aren’t coming. I wrote this poem a long time ago, so even those words didn’t come to me today. Oh well….. what can you do….. 😉

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  3. They will come my love…They will come…

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  4. I’d love to say ‘stop trying so hard’ but it’s not that easy! I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I’m certain they’ll come. Unfortunately, it’s just not always when we want. I think our brains interfere with our hearts sometimes! Too many expectations!

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  5. Hopefully before my deadline…… lol….. 😉

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  6. I think you’re right though…. need to stop trying so hard and let my mind sort of turn into mush…. then all the good stuff should slowly ooze out. What do you think? Lol….. 😉

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  7. I think that may be a good way to start! Relax?! Think broader about the topic? I mean, instead of the fine points, more the big picture? The feelings and not the details? I don’t know. Focusing on the feeling that inspired it and the feeling I want to create for the reader helps sometimes for me!

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  8. Thank you Angela…. This sounds like a much better way. I’ll try focusing on the feeling that inspired the idea in the first place. Hmmmm….. now to begin…… 💜

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  9. Good luck! And happy anniversary! (I follow your husband as well).

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  10. Thanks! It’ll be 23 yrs tomorrow. We have a tradition every year. He gives me a silver charm for my bracelet. Which represents something from the past year, and I give him a book, with some sort of inscription to remember the year. We’ve always done this, and yet this year I still have not found him his book. Really at a loss for which one to get him.

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  11. That’s awesome! M and I have been together 23 years, married 18. What a lovely tradition! Does he like any genre in particular?

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  12. That’s a long time too! 😉 Well, his favorite book series is Harry Potter…. so I think that says it all right there…. Lol…. and it’s the same for me too…. 😉

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  13. Ahhh! I loved them as well. Good luck and have a wonderful day!

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  14. Yeah, too bad the series had to end, but what an amazing ending it was! Lol…. Thanks Angela, you too!

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  15. This is a lovely poem.

    Sometimes we have to let the ideas come to us than force them. That’s what I do and refuse to force myself for ideas.

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  16. Thank you…. I couldn’t agree more…. 😉

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  17. My pleasure. 👍🏼 haha.

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