A voice of recognition…


Through the horrific

Screams of fright

A voice of recognition

Whispered in the night

Face now pale

And eyes quite wide

Whimpering and terrified

From the voices inside

A dim yet growing light

Began to fill the expanse

An alluring view

A sight which entranced

Abruptly her fear

Began to subside

As she questioned her life

Wondering if she had died

The vision she beheld

Was stunning in appearance

And she held her breath

Resigned to see its disappearance

And yet the presence instead

Came quite near

Suddenly reaching out

Wiping away all of her tears

The ethereal being

Began to cry too

And she was unsure

Of what she should do

Confusion marked

Her questioning face

As she looked upon a being

Of infinite love and grace

And as she gazed

She finally knew

This was her king

Most magnificent and true

Her heart soared

And a slight smile appeared

As the voices inside

Had completely disappeared

Her healer had come

To set her free from the pain

And forever in her life

She now knew he’d remain

Written by, Michelle Cook

*Dedicated to my daughter Amy who suffers from mental illness.  I am forever grateful to God, for blessing me with a daughter as wonderful as you.  You have helped strengthen my own faith, through the depth of your own.  ❤️Love always and forever, ~Mom xoxo

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  1. my valiant soul

    This is really poignant and special.

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  2. Thank you 🙂

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