Strong and Determined


There’s a sadness

Which has grown

Though it seems to be

Slowly fading away with time

And yet I yearn

For even just a single day

Without melancholy


I tell myself…


I can fix this…

I can overcome this sense of loss…

I am strong…

I am determined…

I am not a weak frail soul without any hope…


And I know

That I will figure out a way

To be completely happy and content

Without having to pretend

That I’m okay


Because the alternative…

Well…. it isn’t even an option


Written by, Michelle Cook

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One response to “Strong and Determined

  1. Oh, I could go on and on about this feeling….but, in a nutshell, I think it’s okay to be a mess. To embrace the mess, I should say. To embrace the dark with the light. I believe that’s where freedom lies. 💜

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