Brokenness Defined


Every beat of your enticing heart

Mesmerized and controlled my spirit

Bound by your enchantments

Your invisible barricade eluded me

Hovering unbeknownst by day

Drifting aimlessly by night

The sting of unrequited love

Tormented my very being

Emptying my soul of emotion

Yet I couldn’t say goodbye

Every ounce of me loved you

With an incredible fierceness

Reaching far beyond the dimensions

Of an ordinary human heart

It was only after you pierced my soul

With the truth of an unforgivable indiscretion

That my spirit could no longer see clearly

Clinging to the scraps of your essence

I had no other alternative but to let you go

My lifeblood now begged to intermingle

With someone who had an honorable disposition

This was the last thought I incurred

Before completely breaking free

Heartbroken I left for another realm

Where love seemed entirely possible

A place where hope seemed to dwell

And you became a fragmented memory

Too sharp to handle anymore


Written by, Michelle Cook

*The outcome of this poem can be found here.

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6 responses to “Brokenness Defined

  1. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Beautiful poem- but I’ll admit that I was captivated by the dress the girl in the picture is wearing. Wow, that was a gorgeous colour. Seriously though, how do you manage to tell such intricate stories in poetry? I love your blog!

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  4. Thank you… my most intricate poems are born of personal experiences. Although I do write many poems which are completely fictional, and in writing those, I try to leave a life lesson hidden within each one.

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