Brokenness Rescinded


Your unavoidable eyes

A sea of cerulean blue and grey

Beckon me lovingly

Back into promise filled arms

My shattered heart

Desperately trying to mend

A thousand broken pieces

Scattered among blood stained sheets

Lost in rose-colored dreams

I lose myself in a wave of forgiveness

Saturated by your enthusiasm

Consumed by your renewed vigor

I yearn for what you are willing to offer

Craving the love which you’ve unburied

Still remaining unquestionably hesitant

Yet finally stripped of the barriers

Which had grown to impossible heights

Your love is now evident on every level

And has stolen away my shaken breath

Forcing my eyes to witness a miracle

You have now become my reality

An impossible prism filled vision

Fulfilled in the wake of a calamitous ordeal

A love ever so gently rekindled and reborn

From the sorrows of a duplicitous life

Unwavering in earnestness

Wholly mending an irreparable heart


Written by, Michelle Cook

*This is the sequel to Brokenness Defined

The Daily Post prompt – Lovingly

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7 responses to “Brokenness Rescinded

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  2. Beautiful! Praise God!

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  3. Thank you Kim, I wanted to share our complete story in poetic form. So it was through these two poems on brokenness, that I tried to do just that. 🙂


  4. So beautiful! ‘I lose myself in a wave of forgiveness,’ – wow! This is such an exquisite gem of expression!

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  5. Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. 🙂


  6. Love this sweetheart 💞

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  7. 💕 xoxoxox

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