Love isn’t for the fainthearted



All I could think of

Were depressive thoughts

My stomach was completely

Tied up in knots

I hadn’t eaten anything

In a zillion days

I laid there on my bed

In complete malaise

The absence of him

Was more than I could bear

All I could do

Was lay there and stare

My body felt heavy

I just couldn’t move

I knew that without him

I would never improve

The minutes felt like days

And the days felt like years

And I found myself crying

An insane amount of tears

The earth completely shattered

On the day he departed

I now realize that love

Isn’t for the fainthearted


Written by, Michelle Cook

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13 responses to “Love isn’t for the fainthearted

  1. Beautiful poem, Michelle

    I’ve been trying to leave comments on your blog but I haven’t been able to…


  2. Wow, something I am going though atm, can relate xx

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  3. Such a difficult thing to face. Sorry you’re going through this. 🙁 xo

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  4. I normally don’t like rhyming poems, but you rocked the style with this one!

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  5. Thank you for the lovely compliment! 💜

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  6. Beautiful and so true, Michelle. Love is for the brave.

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  7. Thank you! It really is… 💜

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  8. Beautifully written!! And the last line is very true…Love is not for the fainthearted!!

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  9. Thank you so much Tris…. it certainly isn’t! 😉

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  10. Bravo! Love this one! Awesome visual with the words

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  11. Thank you so much! 🙂


  12. Thank you…. I’m so sorry about that. So glad I checked my spam folder tonight. Miss talking to you!

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