Words escape me

As reality sinks in

Can’t stop the pain

From growing within


Gone is the word

For this miserable week

One left to death

The other won’t speak


One a sixteen year old life

The son I wished I’d had

Taken from us tragically

Our hearts now very sad


The other a friend

Closest I’ve ever had

Disappeared completely

I’ve never been so sad


And now I’m left to wonder

If there’s more to come

The sorrows in this life

Just can’t be overcome


Written by, Michelle Cook

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4 responses to “Departed

  1. A sad poem, Michelle. I’m so sorry for your losses. ❤

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  2. My family and I are just overwhelmed with grief right now. Please pray for the families of 3 teens who died. One was like a son to us. There is also a woman in critical condition. She has 5 young children at home. I’m just heartbroken D….. thank you for your comforting comment. ❤️

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  3. I’m so sorry. May you find some comfort in your shared grief. Grief can be so lonely.

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  4. Thank you Oneta…. The sadness is overwhelming and I have been quickly learning how very short life can be. I’m hugging my girls a little bit tighter today and really grasping the reality of the situation. This is forcing me to reevaluate my life. I need to be spending more time with my girls and less time doing other things.