Lovers Lane


Antique weathered lamp posts

Radiate their warm glowing hue

Each one casting inky shadows

Upon those unobservant few


There’s a slight scent of rain

Hovering on the velvety breeze

While loves pure essence lingers

Amongst the silvery moonlit trees


Lovers stroll along the shadowy pathway

Each captivated by amorous thoughts

Lovingly sharing words of affection

And whispering forget me nots


Emotions surge as fingers are laced

Each one enthralled by the other

Never before have they felt this way

Except towards one another


Written by, Michelle Cook


I have so many memories of long walks with my grandmother, and on every walk, she would sing old songs like this one.  I think the song, Singing in the Rain was her favorite.  I really miss those walks with her.  This particular song came to me while writing this.  Gotta love Doris Day…

Art by: Leonid Afremov

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20 responses to “Lovers Lane

  1. Beautiful poem Michelle……is there a part 2?

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  2. Thank you, I don’t know… Maybe…

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  3. Michelle, your poem is absolutely beautiful! I love the image and especially your words! It really made my day, and made me think of time spent with my Grand-mom, Daisy Mae! Blessings!

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  4. Thank you Wendell… So glad to hear it sparked such a wonderful memory.

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  5. That was lovely! Tell me about the painting, did you do it?

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  6. Thank you… The painting is by Leonid Afremov.

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  7. Everyone should check out his AMAZING art! It’s a beautiful accompaniment to this breathtaking poem, Michelle. ((((Big Hugs))))

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  8. Thanks Dustin… Have you signed up for his classes yet?


  9. So lovely. Demands rereading while thoroughly enjoying each morsel.

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  10. Thank you…. This one took awhile to write. I wanted to find just the right words to say. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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  11. Just beautiful, Michelle. I could feel and see this poem – wonderful imagery.

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  12. So glad D…. I love it when people can feel as if they’re actually there in my poems. 😊

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  14. This is a lovely poem and a beautiful painting.

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  15. Outstanding imagery, Michelle


  16. Thank you Devereaux!

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