Young Love


Drawn to each other
By a magnetic force
Their ephemeral love blossomed
And ran its course
Eventually indecision came
Leaving abandoned hearts under a shattered sky
No hope for the future
Two young lovers said goodbye
With ambitions and dreams
Each moved on
Never speaking again
Their love now gone


Written by, Michelle Cook


To my daughters… Love may come and go, but I know eventually you will find your true love.  So don’t lose hope… Instead, have faith and never give up!  Love, ~Mom  😉

*Update!  Funny thing is… I originally posted this poem last February 2016, and since then, my two oldest daughters have gotten married.  If you notice from the statement above, I told them that they would eventually find their true love (at the time, neither one of them were doing very well in the “love” department), and obviously more quickly than any of us could have ever dreamed!  Lol….. ❤️


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  1. Ahhh, this is sad but very sweet of you to dedicate it to your girls. :))

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