I’m finding that my heart

Is ill equipped to deal

With the atrocities

Of daily life

There’s this drowning feeling

Which often takes over

Leaving me unable

To catch my breath

Each day I sink further

Into the murky waters

Unable to see

What’s in front of me

Can’t find my way

Just lost in a current

Which is constantly

Pulling me under

Dragged into a riptide

With no way to escape 

I’ve tried everything

To find a way out

Yet the gravitational pull

Of the funneling waters

Spirals me down further

Far from everything

I’ve ever hoped for

Away from everyone

I’ve ever loved

I feel I may be lost forever

If I’m not rescued soon

And yet there’s nobody

None who can save me

Except for myself

And she’s almost done trying


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

8 responses to “Drowning…

  1. Remember Michelle, look up, don’t give up. Here if you need to talk ❤

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  2. I’ll save you! After you have given up on yourself…
    Great poem

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  3. Thank you Dorinda ❤️

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  4. Ha ha…. thanks HG….. I can always count on you! 😈

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  5. I watched a movie once that started off talking about “the man of the sea” it’s a legend that I guess sailors know about: but the movies was about life as a member of the coast guard and in specific, in Alaska in the Berring Strait. The end of the movie was when the head coast guard’s man rescued the young recruit but as they were being hauled up, the cable from the helicopter was beginning to break so the heaviest man, the head man, let go of the recruit, and drowned. Now, the legend is that the “head coast guard’s man is the man of the sea” because he saves sailors just as the coast guard is coming to take them out of the water.
    Michelle, just grab ahold of the ultimate coast guard, he is just waiting for you to grab onto him and let him hold onto you. (I hope that it makes sense to you)

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  6. Thank you Kristie, you’re very thoughtful. 🙂