Depiction of Love


Tantalizingly sweet

A real sugary treat

Promising to fulfill

A double-dealing thrill

Juicy and irresistibly ripe

Always living up to the hype

A delicious fanciful token

Depicting a love unspoken

Indicative of affection

Spurring on a connection

Savor one with a friend

You’ll get more than you intend

Temptingly exceptional

Hardly ever objectionable

Almost none will disagree

Relish one and you’ll see


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Juicy

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2 responses to “Depiction of Love

  1. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Strawberries and poem…

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  2. Yes, I hadn’t given my hubby a gift for Valentines Day or our anniversary. So last night I decided to make him these and also chocolate covered oranges, to surprise him when he got home from work. I can’t seem to follow traditions very well, as I hardly ever give my gifts on the actual holidays. Oh well…. he doesn’t seem to mind.

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