Happy or sad?


A blurry-eyed mess

Is what I’ve become

Sad and distressed

Really quite glum

I think to myself

Why am I this way

So many happy things

To find in a day

Yet I seem to let the bad

Overpower my spirit

Leaving my heart sad

With no way to cheer it

Magically I wish

I could turn this around

Begin to move forward

Stop wearing a frown

I guess life just isn’t

As simple as I’d hoped

I’ve got to get through

Learn how to cope

Someday I’ll likely

Figure it all out

Can’t keep giving in

To all of this doubt

In time most things

Come to be resolved

We either make it through

Or have nothing left at all

So what I hope for

Is that the good will stick

That everything inside me

Will just finally click

Perhaps I’ll wake up

A cheerful happy mess

Full of fun and laughter

With no signs of distress

It’s a wishful dream

One I don’t foresee

Only time will tell

If I’ll ever be happy me


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post prompt – Blur

Photo credit: pixabay.com

2 responses to “Happy or sad?

  1. i hope you’ll find your happy times soon. it’s a roller coaster, ain’t it?

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  2. Thank you…. life can be if we let it.