Reminders of an enduring connection


Hundreds of letters

Were eagerly written

By a boy and a girl

Who were thoroughly smitten


Glitter filled envelopes

Often contained

A thousand sparkly hearts

Meant to entertain


A million thoughts were sealed

With enthusiastic kisses

Every hope and dream confessed

Exposed secretly shared wishes


Blossoming love adorned

The many tear-filled pages

As hearts began to overindulge

During various stages


Passion often waged war

On their tender hearts and minds

This sort of love mimicked

That of the permanent kind


After a while they could no longer deny

An everlasting union

As they both knew this wasn’t

Just some made-up illusion


Glittering hearts

Soon entwined

With a traditional toast

Of sparkling wine


And those captured words

Of affection

Still remain as reminders

Of their enduring connection


Written by, Michelle Cook


The Daily Post prompt – Glitter

8 responses to “Reminders of an enduring connection

  1. Sweet poem, Michelle. 🙂

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  2. A couple of romantic kids we were back then. 📬 I always so looked forward to getting your letters back then.

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  3. Thanks D. 🙂

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  4. Seems like another lifetime… ❤️

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  5. I remember writing long letters to my friends and slipping them in their lockers as a kid because I thought that was how you showed affection. I was so confused when they didn’t write me a letter back…

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  6. Awww… that’s so sad. I would have written you back! Most definitely! 😉

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  7. Aww, you’re so sweet!

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