Headed for certain heartache

She risks potential danger

Exposing her heart

To the likes of a stranger


A gambler for sure

She takes a substantial chance

Venturing out on limb

In search of ecstasy and romance


Opportunity knocks

And she rushes to the door

Knowing this connection

Could be headed for more


With shaky uncertainty

She opens the gate

With the prospect of love

She foolishly takes the bait


Wagering the possibility

Of demise and peril

She takes the full plunge

Forgetting to be careful


Taking a shot in the dark

She’s liable to confront ruin

Facing hazardous weather

In a storm she’s now brewin


Written by, Michelle Cook

The Daily Post – Writing prompt- Storm

Photo credit: pixabay.com

10 responses to “Risk

  1. oh my goodness… love this beautiful friend!

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  2. Very lovely. Risking your heart is such a leap of faith, but I guess it’s human nature to ‘confront ruin,’ for the joy of it.

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  3. Thanks M… I’ve been taking all my poems off of my other blog and posting them here. So this is a really old one, but one of my favorites. Hope you’re having a good day. ❤️

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  4. Thank you. I often feel like people don’t take enough risks in life, and it often leaves them in situations where they aren’t very happy. So it’s also human nature to be very closed off to the idea of taking a leap of faith. I think living with this mindset can often be riskier than anything else. The thing is with risks, you must own the outcome. After all, there’s no going back afterwards. What’s done is done.


  5. I love this one. I am friend. I hope all id well you and the family

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  6. You’re so sweet M. Thank you girly! 🌹

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  7. Oh, my, that girl had better smarten up! Good poem.


  8. There’s something so relatable about taking uncalculated risks where romance is concerned…and, you’ve captured it beautifully in this gorgeous poem…my fingers are crossed for her 🙂

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  9. Thank you…. I’m trying to post some of my older poems on here from a blog that never went anywhere. So not my normal style for this blog, but nonetheless one I’ve always loved. 💜

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  10. Yes indeed! Lol…. thanks Oneta. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂