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Reflection about life:

What is this gift? Yes gift, because we never ask for. It has been given to us, due to randomness and nature. But there is no notice with it! Plus how complex it is!

Life is a mix of genetics, of a certain periods, of people met, of experiences, of places visited… These are the cards, now let’s play with them. Just take care, there is a limited time for this gift. We don’t know the end, but still… it will end in a moment. How do we know it? Because of previous people who have received similar gifts.

For my part, I have had this gift for 19 years. I played with it and it has been tough. I almost ran out of cards. I don’t know why I didn’t, and especially wonder how I didn’t lose all of my cards during hard times. Luck, perhaps? I don’t really trust luck. To my mind, luck might appear when you are trying to climb the mountain, not when you have given up. So no effort, no luck.

Today, I still own my gift; but strangely it’s like I’ve just received it. I still don’t understand how I should handle it. I’m confused and lost. My cards have evolved in 19 years. But I can’t see what I have in my hands; it’s fuzzy. I can’t distinguish anything clearly, and I wonder who could lift the fog. Nobody seems to have the ability… The fuzziness will never entirely disappear, but it can be subdued.

The truth is, because it’s my own gift, no one else can hold the cards for me.

Moreover, I have to make choices. With which cards do I want to go on? It also means which cards will I leave? So what is the best choice? Well, how can I know without trying…? And actually, is there a best choice, or is it me who needs to make it a good choice? It might be both. A balance of both. Make a good choice and make it be a good choice!  Ok, this lovely gift is so complex, so mysterious, so unknown…

Then what is the aim? Oh I forget, there is no notice.

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  1. Very well written…each and everything was true…

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  2. She a wonderful writer. Hope you’ll visit her blog. 😉

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