I still believe…


I’ve pondered happiness a million times

And questioned my future all too often.

I’ve wished for a change to bring about fulfillment

And sought greener gardens which are apparently non-existent.

I’ve hoped for a chance to make my life better

And dreamt of a love that could fill my wildest dreams.

I’ve waited for contentment in the midst of my tears

And so often I’ve wilted and faded from the effects of my sadness.

I’ve looked for opportunities in the most likely places

And have yet to find what I’ve been looking for.

I’ve been stabbed with daggers of disappointment

And felt the heart-wrenching sensation of a million dreams being ripped from my soul.

I’ve felt jolts of uncertainty hit me on a regular basis

And time has never changed the emptiness felt in my heart.

I’ve spent years dragging my feet on a path that has led to nowhere

And yet I still continue on this journey because I haven’t figured out what else to do.

I’ve lost inspiration and ambition along the way

And found discouragement to be my only true and trusted friend.

I’ve struggled to find meaning throughout the trials of my life

And bitterness still resides within the creases of my heart.

I’ve been unable to look beyond the confines of my shattered existence

And yet somehow I still believe in the life I’m living and have hope for the future.


Written by, Michelle Cook

*This poem was written last year, when my marriage was falling apart.  Things are finally getting better.  We are growing together again, instead of growing apart.  This poem just goes to show how far we’ve come.  Believing that a relationship can be mended, is the first step in the healing process.  Our marriage still isn’t perfect, it never will be, nobody’s is.  But we have certainly made a lot of progress.  Real love always shines through in the end.

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8 responses to “I still believe…

  1. Not kidding lady , You just described the way I feel so often . This is a very gorgeous and meaningful poem.

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  2. Thank you for you kind words. Means so much. 🙂

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  3. This is so intensifying. I feel you💞

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  4. 💕💘💕

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  5. Those words are poignant and I feel some of it in my own life right now. I’m glad things are working out well for your marriage….😊

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  6. Thanks Bel…. everyday is filled with new challenges. I’ve found endurance to be the key to success. 😉

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