Reflecting on this life

The one filled with you and I

My heart is such a wreck

Though I can’t seem to tell you why


I’m trying to feel content

And reassure you that I care

But the heaviness in my heart

Is simply more than I can bear


I feel I’m pretending to be okay

When deep inside I’m not

And denying my feelings this way

Often leaves me so distraught


You say that you’ll be patient

And wait for that joyful day

When I can finally love you

Words you insist I will convey


Yet presently I’m asking

Deep within my soul

For God to make a change

And make my heart feel whole


Will I ever come around

I suppose only time will tell

I know I would hate to have it end

In a bittersweet farewell


Written by, Michelle Cook

*Written November 13, 2016.  A day when uncertainty crept in.

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26 responses to “Reflecting…

  1. This is very somber, Michelle. I hope that you are OK. ❤

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  2. I am related to You Michelle indeed .

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  3. Thanks Rob, I’m doing ok. Trying to feel like myself again. This year hasn’t been the easiest.


  4. I’m realizing lately that a lot of people are… we all go through similar struggles in our lives.

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  5. Yes indeed , life is getting tough as we know it Michelle.

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  6. Very much so…

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  7. Thinking of you, Michelle. 💛

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  8. Thank you, Tonya. 💜

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  9. I poems like this…looking back…reflection is one of the best things you can do to cleanse a soul. Lovely words.

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  10. Thank you Devereaux… it sort of puts things into better perspective, when we write them down. I used to have another blog, and I’m slowly bringing over old poems from there. This was one of them.

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  11. I love your older poems, and I notice the progression. I feel like you’re letting yourself go more…letting the words guide you.

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  12. Thank you… I feel like I need to share them… like it’s the only way to fully heal. I tend to try to keep things hidden, and not show the entire me. However, I’ve recently decided that this isn’t doing me a bit of good. I know others can relate to what I’m going through and what I have been going through over the past couple of years. Why should I hide how I’m feeling? I figure if there’s people that really want to be a part of my life, than they will accept all of me, the good and the bad. Writing is therapy for me, without it I wouldn’t be able to get through my struggles as easily. I might not even be here right now, It’s sort of been my saving grace.

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  13. Same. I read a quote yesterday saying someone who likes you, who also knows all about you, is a true friend. People like that are hard to come by, and putting it out there might push some away, but the people that to embrace all of you…those are some amazing moments.

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  14. That would be an amazing moment. Great quote! 🙂

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  15. Michelle, I really hope that you don’t feel as badly has this poem conveys, even if you do I am still praying for you and I completely believe that God is carrying you thru this and you can find Joy in the midst of this difficult time.

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  16. Well I did feel this way last November when I originally wrote this. And although I am still not completely myself, things are improving. I had a lot to let go of and still do. If I didn’t trust God to work everything out, I wouldn’t even be here right now.

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  17. Oh, Michelle please don’t ever stop trusting God is taking care of you and your family. which means that He is working everything out as you and your hubby allow him to do the work in you two.
    I couldn’t bare the thought of losing you, another friend to suicide. God’s got you lady, he truly does.

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  18. I will never stop trusting him. He’s already saved me too many times, for me to stop believing in him now.

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  19. It would. It really would.

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  20. devereaux frazier

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  21. honest and beautiful

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  22. Thank you so much.

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