Calling all bloggers….


Are you a writer, artist, or photographer, looking for a way to share your blog with others?  If so, I would love to feature you right here on

Please send your inspirational thoughts, poems, short stories, bios, traveling experiences, quotes, or any other relevant material to:

I am specifically looking for stories and poems, which are encouraging, uplifting, or inspirational.  I am also willing to feature personal bios, travel stories, artwork, etc.

I will accept unpublished work, or posts which have been previously published on your blog; just send me the link if you wish to submit something you’ve already posted.  I will not accept photos, unless they are personally yours and watermarked as such.

When sending in your submissions, please include the name you would like to use in your featured post, so that I can credit your work back to you.  Also, please include a link to your website or blog if you have one, and if you are an anonymous writer, please include your pen name.

Feel free to share this opportunity with others, so that they may be featured here as well.

Thanks! ~Michelle Cook

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8 responses to “Calling all bloggers….

  1. Fantastic opportunity Michelle. Thanks. I’d send you something over if I had anything inspirational. =P

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  2. Sounds good 😉

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  3. Thanks, M. I will browse for something appropriate. Also if you read anything appropriate for sharing here, leave me a comment. I’ll try to read some of your submissions in order to get a feel of what you want. Thanks, again.

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  4. I’m sure anything you want to share will be fine. The biggest thing is, your post should represent you and your blog, in order for people to get a good sense of who you are. 😉

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