Appreciate your friends while you can…


All my life I’ve been hopeful

For just one amazing good friend

Somebody who would fully accept me

And be there until the very end


I think my heart has begun to realize

That life doesn’t work this way

People just seem to come and go

And sadly they can’t always stay


Everyone has their own lives to live

And living them can be very rough

And I understand it’s hard to be there for others

When facing issues which are extremely tough


I suppose the trick is just to be happy

And appreciate the time we do have with our friends

For we never know the day or hour

When those moments could suddenly come to an end


Written by, Michelle Cook

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5 responses to “Appreciate your friends while you can…

  1. So true. The trick is to be happy and enjoy the time spent with friends. I also wish you get an amazing friend to be there with you till the very end.

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  2. Yes, that’s the only way. 😉Thanks Jeni, have a wonderful rest of your day.

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  3. Also, I’ve realized there are friends for different stages of our lives. We outgrow some and then hopefully we will be blessed with new ones! 💝

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