Winds of Wonder


Something’s in the wind

Do you feel it too?

The weakening of time

Seemingly coming into view.


As the end draws near

We become decisively more aware.

Feeling every heartbeat

Understanding each stare.


Nervously we walk

Towards the shadow of death.

Biding our time

Until our very last breath.


Dare we notice

Hidden messages which surround.

Meant not to entertain us

But to thoroughly astound.


When will these wonders

Be more than just a whim.

Perhaps they are explicit signs

Given purposely by him.


Written by, Michelle Cook

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6 responses to “Winds of Wonder

  1. Interesting poem, Michelle. I’m uncertain if what’s in the wind is good or bad. I hope it’s not the end.

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  2. Think it’s just trying to tell us something D. Neither good nor bad for now. 😉

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  3. Thank you Marcia!

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