An unrequired life


Here in the shadow of a room

Where my broken heart

Yearns to mend

I felt the veil today

Its shimmery substance

Moved smoothly

Against the palm of my hand

It was cold and fluid like

Ethereal in its movement

Captivating my mind

Calling for my soul

I longed to press through

To finally see my maker

Wanted desperately to leave

So that I could instead

Sit beside my blessed king

The thought of leaving

This bleak frightful world

Fascinated my mind

This place where I reside

Has only left me

Covered in battle scars

Too numerous to count

Such a pity nobody can erase

These constant reminders

Of such sorrow and pain

Not even time herself

Can seem to fade these flaws

So I sat there

Lost in deep thought

Pondering a life beyond

This blink of an eye

When suddenly my mind

Was brought back into focus

By the pitter patter

Of small footsteps

The veil then quickly faded

Disappearing completely

Leaving me once again

To carry on with a life

Which seems to need me

More often than I require it

And so I continue on

Trudging through

The muck of life

A soldier lost

In the middle of a battlefield

Waiting for the day

When I’m officially given the word

To leave this dismal place

And return to my heavenly home


Written by, Michelle Cook

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