I’m still in awe of… (Part 5)


I’m still in awe of…

How a dream can seem so real

How it can transform a mind

And give it such a wondrous thrill

The people and faraway lands

All found in a lovely dream

Are often more meaningful

Than they sometimes even seem

It’s a mystery for sure

How our visions are often tied

To the very same place

In which we now live and reside

Maybe our nightly dreams

Are actually wishes we once made

Long ago in a distant world

Since lost unto the fade


Written by, Michelle Cook

Photo credit: pixabay.com

4 responses to “I’m still in awe of… (Part 5)

  1. Beautiful, Michelle. Usually my vivid dreams are of showing up to give a lecture unprepared. Ha ha. I like yours better.

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  2. Oh no! Lol….. 😁

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  3. Thanks D!