The General


In the foggy mist

Of the formidable night

He was the one

Who was guided

By the light

Those who fought near him

Clung to his side

Completely convinced

He should be

Their noble guide

The sundry of wise answers

Which he invariably gave

Seemed to keep the men

From their rapidly

Advancing graves

Each placed their ardent trust

In his dignified command

Knowing that through him

They may eventually see

Their revered homelands


Written by, Michelle Cook

*After writing this poem, I came across this news article about General Patton.  I had never really read much about Patton until today.  I think it’s funny, how a poem can sometimes come to my mind, before even having the knowledge of what or whom I’m actually writing about.  Does this ever happen to any of you?

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    I kinda wrote a poem about a motherly figure before really getting to know you. Does that count? 🙂

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  2. Yes, that counts! 😉 Thanks for reblogging this D. Hope you’re having a great day!