She ruled her household

With an iron fist

Her tenacity in all things

Just couldn’t be missed


Stubbornly unshakeable

Inflexible and possessive

The true nature of her being

Left her overly obsessive


There were many who disliked her

As she was strong-willed and tough

Yet she continued to persist

Even when the going got rough


Holding true to her form

And with a spunky attitude

She steadfastly persevered

Even when she was booed


Nobody could change

Her obstinate ways

And she remained this way

For all of her days


Written by, Michelle Cook

*And to my husband, who raised an eyebrow after I read this to him and gave me a teasing smirk.  No… this poem isn’t about me!!!  😉  Lol…..  He’s such a meanie!

Writing prompt: Tenacious (By, The Daily Post)

Photo credit: pixabay.com