The Dancer


Pretty and poised

With a sparkling tiara all her own

She danced for the king

As he sat upon his majestic throne


A crystal chandelier

Hovered impressively over head

While princes and princesses

All delighted in her instead


She drew the attention

Of every single eye

And her loveliness caused the ladies

To all start to cry


A rare beauty she was

With a kind heart to match

Which predestined her to be

The most perfect catch


And so without any question

Or further delay

She was chosen to be the new queen

That very same day


Written by, Michelle Cook

Writing prompt: Crystal (Suggested by, Anthony Gorman)

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  1. Hey, this is great! 🙂 Elegant 🙂

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  2. Thank you…. with your prompt and my 8 years olds strong desire to learn ballet, the idea was formed. 😉

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  3. Like a fairy tale ❤

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  5. Thanks! ☺️

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