A Sonnet – #RomanticTuesday


You won this heart of mine, my dearest one

Love wafted me away to be enslaved

The battle was not fierce nor very long

My heart was ravaged by your love and craved

More of your blessed tender gentleness

Gushing from the depths of your soul’s own heart

A love that flowed, empowered by loves sweetness

Lodging and growing in my soul as part

Of my being and this new spirit

Consumed my heart in its entirety

Leaving a red hot glowing ember lit

To burn in constant faith eternally

A love that will not die nor can be quenched

The night I travel deaths dark shadowed trench

By, Charles S. Smead (1909-1972)

*Charles is my great uncle, who died the very same year I was born.  I recently acquired his book of poems, which I am really enjoying.  I will probably continue to share more of his poetry from time to time.  After reading the entire book, I can now see where my love of poetry must have come from.  His words really speak to my heart.  So in honor of my Great Uncle Charlie, I really hope all of you will enjoy this poem too.

4 responses to “A Sonnet – #RomanticTuesday

  1. What a find and so wonderful that his poems speak to you. Very romanitic.

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  2. Yes, I’d been asking my mother to send me his book for years now…. and finally I have it! Now I need to get ahold of my grandmothers short stories….. she loved to write as well. 😉

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  3. It seems to be in the genes 🙂

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